Snowmobiling the Gunflint Trail

Local Trails Groomed by the Cook County Snowmobile Club

Snowmobiling the Gunflint Trail with Great Day Trip Rides

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Trailer up and head our way!

Head north to the edge of the Minnesota/Canadian border for great snowmobiling all winter long! Cozy up in the sauna after a long day of riding. Our neighboring county parking lot makes trailering and unloading a breeze. Enjoy day rides to Grand Portage, Lutsen, Grand Marais, and other loops in the central trail system.

Once you arrive, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a winter wonderland of snow-covered forests and pristine lakes. The trail winds its way through the heart of the Superior National Forest. The crisp, cold air fills your lungs as you zoom past towering 200-year-old pine trees, and the hush of the winter landscape is occasionally broken by the satisfying roar of your machine. With numerous well-maintained trails, cozy lodges, and breathtaking vistas, snowmobiling along the Gunflint Trail is a quintessential Northwoods experience that leaves you with unforgettable memories of Minnesota’s snowy paradise.

Our local system grooming begins just after the 1st of the year and we as locals are riding through March!

The trail system kicks off across the bay from our public landing.

We do not sell gas onsite, so please plan your rides accordingly. Lodges and restaurants along the snowmobile trail sell gas and one is available 24 hours.

Onsite guide available for hire when bringing your own snowmobile! Read Joey’s bio here.

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